What variants of Baccarat table games

What variants of Baccarat table games

What variants of Baccarat (바카라사이트)table games are there? What do ‘difference’ and ‘game table limit’ in mean?

Baccarat can be divided into 3 variants :

1) Mini Baccarat

Mini Baccarat has least number of bettings and dealer controls the whole game according to the game rules.

2) Middle Baccarat

This is a variation of Mini and Main Baccarat, specifically made for Asians (Chinese players in particular).

In Middle Baccarat, players can ‘squeeze’ the card, and the table has higher amount for maximum bet than Mini Baccarat. The table can accommodate 8 to 10 players.

From Middle Baccarat, the Difference (Differential) is applied which allows infinite bettings

among players.

3) Main Baccarat

This has the largest amount for betting and in local casino

there was a tradition of dealer wearing tuxedo and using a scoop

to distribute cards to the players. In overseas this practice is still observed.

Main Baccarat has highest amount of betting, so you can see many high rollers playing there.


Only in Baccarat one will come across an unique betting condition that can not be seen in other table games.

A difference (differential) means, simply put, a ‘spread’. It is a type of betting strategy which one can add more in a wager that was already made either to the Player or Banker.

For example, in a Main Baccarat table with maximum wagers of 50 million KRW (estimated 40 thousand USD), Player B can add the difference of 30 million KRW (estimated 24 thousand USD) of the ‘difference’ to the Banker making wager as high as 80 million KRW (estimated 64 thousand USD).

Since player can add the amount of difference to the maximum wager, if each player bets to opposite sides the amount can go up indefinitely. 

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